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My RAC page
I recently renovated me Red arrow Camp website. Itís got a lot of new pictures thanks to my new scanner, and is organized in a fashion that allows for easy navigation. This camp is a big part of my life, so visit it and see pictures of me from age 9 to the present.

Bob and Sueís official RAC site is at:

My CMS page
I have made many trips to the Colorado Mountain School in Estes Park Colorado. There I have learned how to ice climb (see pictures), and I also learned a lot about setting up anchors for rock climbing, belaying, winter conditions and camping, the "lockstep", and much more. There are lots of new pictures here and it is organized much better than before.

CMS' real site is at:

My COBS page
Nothing really new here, but it's one of the newer of my other sites, and there are pictures of my experience snowboarding in the backcountry

COBS' real site is at:


My Alchemy site
This is a page that I made for Dr. Nguyen's '97-98 HIBC II class. It's got loads of information on the medieval science called Alchemistry. If you're doing research, it's great, if not, you might learn something

My Golden Ratio site
This is a site that I made with Greg Sobolksi for Mrs. Flener's '97-'98 Honors Geometry class. Again, this is a great site to learn something, or do research on, so have a look!

Of Special Interest - Random Stuff

On March 13 (my birthday) of this year, I had the oppertunity to sing with Kate Schindle, otherwise known as Miss America '98 (along with other students at Latin) at my school's auction. It was fun, and good times were had by all. (Yes, she sang Happy Birthday to me)

Last September I was able to go to a special screening of the IMAX film "Everest" at which Ed Viesturs spoke. He was one of the heros on the mountain during the ill-fated Everest season of 1996 (the subject of Jon Krakauer's book Into Thin Air and the late Anatoli Boukreev's The Climb. If you have not seen the film (and if it's still out) I recomend it. It's a great experience, and hearing Ed speak about his vigorous training regimen and his prudence on the mountain gave me more respect for him than any biography or book could. He's one of the world's best and most experienced climbers, and is on his way to being the first American to climb all the peaks above 8,000 meters (he currently holds the record). You can follow his attempt at

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