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I have made three trips to the small touristy town of Estes Park Colorado, and have stayed at the CMS. There I have taken an IRC, climbed Longs Peak via the North Face, and did a backcountry educational course, and ice climbed for the first time. In a little while I will be going back out there to do some more rock climbing and climb another peak. Here are three pages, one for each visit.

June '98
Brooke and I went to CMS in June of '98 to rock climb with Bruce and Doug.
August '98
I went back out there to climb longs peak with DJ.
December '98
I went out for a backcountry education course, and to try ice climbing with Shawn.
NEW!! July '99
I went out to climb Mount Meeker (13,911'). Shawn was my guide, it was a blast, take a look!

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