Thanksgiving 2003

Winnetka, Il

The first set of pictures is from Thanksgiving day 2003. As per Murray / Mallman family tradition, we dined at the beautiful Mallman Residence in Winnetka. Sadly, we were missing two Mallmans - Grant and Leslie. Their places were occupied by two members of the Navy (courtesy of the boot camp north of Chicago) - John and Jay. I brought a slew of friends (two at the last minute) from Dartmouth - John (my freshman year UGA), Joe (fellow Dog Day Player) and Stevie (Joe's girlfriend). We also were joined by Uncle Tom's Aunt Celia. Ok, enough words...more pictures!

Joe driving en route to the Mallmans

Jay delicately removing the Turkey

Yay Murray Family!

Yay twins!

Yay Mom and kids!

Joe and Stevie

Mom and Carly having a little tete a tete

Joe directed this look. Pensive, scared, confused, and elated.

Joe and I celebrating "our" cooking

Uncle Tom Carving the turkey

Joe and Stevie

Dartmouth Photo Trials

Dartmouth Photo (Actual!)

Dog Day!

2nd Floor French '00-01

Day After Thanksgiving 2003

Winnetka, Il

The next day we headed out to the Mallmans to see more relatives that we hadn't seen for ages. Shirley, Diana, Bob, and Lauren (we only have pictures of Diana, but I swear the others were there too! I was just lazy with my camera...).

Beck sisters and their cousin Diana (center)

Take #2...

Carly digesting

Brooke reposing

Old man sleeping