Colin's Links Page

Schools' Homepages

Latin School of Chicago
This is the school that I go to, and have been for 12 years.

Skiing Towns

The reason that I like Steamboat so much is because I go there every year, but mainly because it is a small town that not everyone knows about. Unfortunatly, more and more people are disovering it, so I can't hog it all to myself. Plus, be sure to check out Vertical Grip's homepage on it. It is an awesome gym, with a killer overhang, and plenty of bouldering to go around.


Red Arrow Camp
If you are really interested in this camp, email me or the owners, Bob and Sue, or visit my RAC page.

Shareware and Freeware for Macs

These are my favorite sites for getting shareware, for the Macintosh. You see, I know how hard it is to find a good shareware site for the Macintosh. Here they are:

They have everything organized, and it is a nice site, but is not updated that often.

Macworld online Here they have a list of all of the games that you can download. I think that it is updated weekly.

Sodapop, Soda, Cola, Pop, etc...

These are some of my favorite soda, pop, cola, etc. pages that I have found.

Pepsi's Homepage
This page is well put together, and it has a lot of Graphics. You must sign on as a user to go in, but there is no money involved. It can be hard to follow at times.

Coca-Cola's homepage
This is a well put together homepage that has many graphics, and a lot of history on that caramel colored drink. Worth a look.

Search Engines

Digital Technology's AltaVista
The Other Alta Vista

E-Mail Services

Hotmail (Where I got my FREE e-mail address)
Rocketmail by 411
And of course:
America Online