The purpose of our page

The Purpose

The purpose of our page is to provide insights as to the relationship between Fibonacci numbers and the infamous Golden Ratio through the use of the infomation super-highway.

The data we obtained came from various sites around the Internet. The Internet is one of the best ways to obtain current information about any topic and the Golden Ratio is a ubiquitous one. We searched many search engines (including Yahoo, Lycos and Infoseek) in search of graphics and information about our topic with a focus on Fibonacci numbers. Once we found this information, we read its contents and planned out how we wanted to organize our project. A webpage seemed ideal for it offers more access with more information at the click of a mouse. HTML, the script used to design the page, is a relatively simple series of tags which create a webpage. To make our page user-friendly, we designed frames which render navigation easier and keeps a potential surfer at our site while having the option of visiting another through a link. Once the format was decided, we proceeded to find appealing graphics. These are the ones which you carefully observed throughout the page. This explains the "how's" of the project. Also, Colin applied his knowledge of Pascal and created a handy-dandy program which will generate Fibonacci numbers. We felt that this would be a useful tool in physically explaining the Fibonacci series. It was created with Pascal which is not easy enoughto explain. Go here to learn a little Pascal!

Now for the "why's" (for all you inquisitive mathematicians). We felt that a webpage best interweaves modern computer technology with math. Also, the internet offers more information than most sources (other than a Library). Through the use of links, the underlined, colored words , any webpage can be viewed so that more detailed information is readily available. We felt this to be a very important and valuable feature. For example, even when reading about Leonardo Fibonacci, a reader has the option to learn a little bit about Greece or plan a vacation to Syria.

The Pascal program was created as an additional tool which would facilitate explanation of Fibonacci numbers. We included the Golden Rectangle section only to show the visual aspects of the Golden Ratio. Finally, our animations and drawings were included in order to spruce up our page. We feel that a page without graphics fails to captivate the attention of the viewer. Well, that's it, we hope you enjoyed our page and feel free to take a look around, again.

-Greg and Colin

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