Leonardo Biography

Leonardo Fibonacci, The Man Himself

Leonardo Fibonacci was born in Pisa, Italy in about 1170. His father, Guilielmo, was a secretary for the Republic of Pisa and in 1192, he brought his son to Bugia, Algeria to supervise a trading colony. His father, intending for his son to become a merchant, sent Leonardo in Egypt, Syria, Greece,Sicily, and Provence. Leonardo, having a love for math, learned the different mathematical techniques in each of these countries. In so doing, Fibonacci was introduced to many methods of manipulating numbers with various numeric systems including the Arabic system.

Finally, in 1200, Leonardo returned to Pisa and from 1202 - 1225, he worked on several mathematical books which dealt with problem solving by means of several techniques. His work was praised by many monarchs throughout Europe and he was asked to tutor certain monarchs including Frederick II. His most famous work is known as the Fibonacci numbers which are explained on this page. He passed away in 1228 with very little known about his life but the principles which he developed have lasted throughout history.