Summer '04 Photo Journal
Chicago, IL (most of the time)

I know many of you faithful fans have been eagerly awaiting this update. So here it is. My summer! As always if you want a bigger version of any of the pics, let me know. I'll hook you up.

Howie Day
Saw Howie day - the concert was awesome, and relatively inexpensive!

Family trip to Vail!
The family always used to travel, and this was the week when we decided to go back to that wonderful pastime. This trip took us out to Vail, CO, courtesy of cousin Mallman's house out there. Saw some wildlife, did some sweet outdoors stuff, and just had an amazing time. A much needed vacation.

Visit to RAC with Kelly!
Went up to Red Arrow with the girlfriend of the time. Had a blast!

2004 Chicago Air and Water Show
Living in the Hancock, we get a pretty good view of the Air and Water show every summer. This summer was no different. Except that I was actually home to watch it. Had some friends over, and had a great time watching a B-2 bomber, a number of barnstormers, and the blue angels! Check out the pics!

Cubs Games
Brooke and I bought scalped bleacher seats for the 8/23 game, and then got free tickets to the 8/24 game. A great two days, and the cubbies won both of the games. Guess I should go to more games to watch them win so they can snag the wildcard this year.

Millenium Park
When Adam's friend Emily came to town, we decided to show her the newly opened Millenium park. Amazing that they were able to complete it only four years after it was supposed to be completed (for the new millenium, for you slower folks out there).