Summer '03 Photo Journal
Chicago, IL

Ok, so I know this was a while in the making, as I didn't post any pictures for the longest time...So in order to make up for that, I'm sort of puttin all my summer pics in one little folder. A lot of people haven't seen these as my computer wasn't on the internet this last summer...As always if you want a bigger version of any of the pics, let me know. I'll hook you up.

Adam and I are experienced travelers. But at the time, we didn't have a cell phone, so sometimes it can be hard to meet up with people in a large crowd. We got up there in time to catch a bit of the OAR concert, and then met up with Kelly, Dave, Marin, Erica, and perhaps some other people too...Then we went back to Marin's apt, and played a little drinking game called Moose. Here are Kelly's pictures.

Brooke's Birthday!
Even the oldest have to get older sometimes. Including my sister. She's now 23! Wow. Here are some pictures of her on her special day.

Dave's 21st!!
Even the youngest in the group has to turn 21 at some point. Dave was the last to do so, so we took him out to enjoy the town. Good times. Here are the pictures.

Erica's Farm!
I think I made the journey up to Erica's farm two or three times this summer. Each time it was definitely worth it. I went up for the fourth of July, and that's what these pictures are from. We saw a great illegal fireworks display, and almost got maimed! Erica's friend Graham taught us how to properly drive the large machinery his family uses on their farm. Sadly, it wasn't harvest time, so we weren't able to help actually cut or plow anything...well...except for the air above the vacant lot outside of the pole barn.

Wisconsin Dells
Adam invited us up to his Uncle's house in the Dells. It was a weekend filled with pinball, pinball, gambling, a little frisbee, and then some typical tourist activities (see pictures). Then Dave left, and Adam and I hit up Noah's Ark. If only Adam's back had healed, then he could have ridden the best slide there...

Dinner with the Family!
What's the best way to bring the summer to a close? Of course! Dinner with the Mallmans (my cousins) in Winnetka. Makes me look forward to Thanksgiving in a few weeks! Can't wait to see you guys!