Erica's Farm
East Troy, WI


One of many trips up to Erica's. We went to a fireworks show (which I'm glad I didn't brinig my camera proof is good proof) where we almost got hit by a stray firework. It was pretty cool seeing all the different displays in the sky that night. Then the next night we went to a volunteer fireman's dance (I think...I could be mixing up the weekends...). Good times. The next morning we hit up the beach, and Adam borrowed Mr. Esser's bathing suit. It fit him like a glove. Remember those short gloves from the 70s? yeah... that's what I thought...

The more I look at these photos, the more I think of the show with Paris Hilton and that other rich girl who are stuck on a farm for some crazy reality tv...In conclusion...Adam is Paris Hilton.

Adam looking dapper

Took another shot where the light was better

The gang at the beach

I can't remember what was so funny. But something was...

[insert banjo music here]

[insert banjo music here with some heavy drums]

Adam timidly gets his hands dirty